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Zoho Books

ZoHo Books is a double entry accounting system that will streamline your back office tasks and organize all your transactions in a single place. Imagine an accounting system that also manages your projects and employees. I recommend ZoHo Books when you are required to have a close relationship with your clients. Since it integrates with CRM and other platforms effortlessly, it makes client management a breeze.



Zoho Books makes reconciliations a breeze. Simply connect your bank and credit card accounts and match automated feeds with transactions in your account. Want to automate it all? Set up Rules and watch transactions get categorized the moment they land in Zoho Books. Constantly monitoring items that you sell can be time consuming. Zoho Books automatically updates the quantity and the value of the items as they come in and out of the business. With Zoho Books, you know the exact quantity available, adjust it when needed, and also set notifications to purchase items when levels fall below a predetermined amount.

People are critical to every business. Customers who bring in the money, employees who run your business efficiently and the vendors who supply you the essential items you need. Zoho Books helps you manage them all from one place. Streamline your back office tasks with Zoho Books, and organize all your transactions in a single place. Always remain up-to-date on your outstanding invoices and bills. The monthly and annual prices are summarized below. For more information please contact our office.

ZoHo Books Pricing 
Monthly   Annual
Plan ZoHo Integrity  


ZoHo Integrity
Basic $9 $7   Basic $90 $70
Standard $19 $16   Standard $190 $160
Professional $29 $25   Professional $290 $250

Collaborative Client Portals

The portal offers a convenient way for your clients to print and download past invoices or forward them to their contacts. Get notified when a client views, accepts, declines, comments, or makes a payment. There is no need to worry about the status of pending payments. Free yourself from requests to send copies of invoices, estimates and project details. Your clients will have access to all bills in the portal. Along with partial and full payment options, the portal lets your clients make bulk payments with a single click. Make payments easier for them, so you can get paid faster. Share quotes with clients and start a discussion to speed up estimate approvals. Say good bye to lengthy and time-consuming email threads. Ask for feedback and identify areas that need improvement. Promote your business by sharing positive feedback on social media platforms.

Projects Time Tracking

Zoho Books gives you the tools to make your time and work count by providing you with features like logging and tracking time, giving role based access to log time, managing multiple projects, and adding expenses related to an invoice easily. It's easy for anybody to lose track of time but as business owners, you cannot afford to do so. With Zoho Books you never have to lose a minute of your billable hours. You can either log the amount of time you spent for a project daily or weekly, or use the timer widget to clock the time you spend. It can get overwhelming for business owners to manage multiple projects with multiple employees working on it. Zoho Books makes it possible for you to control and manage multiple projects by letting you create new projects, add tasks for each project and assign specific tasks to your employees. Role based access in Zoho Books lets you give restricted access to those who you are working with. You can customize your users' access by restricting their views. For instance, you can let your contractors only use the timer or log time and nothing else. Don't waste time trying to link expenses of a certain project while billing customers. With Zoho Books, you can associate all expenses relating to a project at the time of billing, easily.

Contact Management

Get everything you need for running an efficient business but with less effort with Zoho Books. With features like getting snapshot history of your transactions with any contact, real time information made available for multiple users, providing increased accessibility of your clients and multiple organizations in single account; things can only get better at work! Get all your contacts in one place to organize, track and communicate with your customers and vendors easily. Use filters to track customer invoices and supplier bills easily. Give your clients the power to access your client portal and unburden yourself. In Zoho Books, your clients can access the history of all their transactions with you, edit & update their contact details, accept or comment on quotes you send and more. Your clients can even view outstanding invoices and pay immediately through the online payment gateway. Zoho Books allows you to invite multiple users and share real time information. Bring your colleagues on board and give them role based access to specific modules. This means multiple users working with up to date information, which not only increases accuracy but also productivity. Running more than one business? Not a problem! You can add multiple organizations using a single account in Zoho Books and run all of them just as efficiently as you do with a single business.

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